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Extract and analyse IBM i report data with EZ Pickin's

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Extract and analyse IBM i report data with EZ Pickin's


What you can do with EZ Pickin's


Extract IBM i data

Use report data from virtually any source including spool files, PDF, text and database files.

Analyse IBM i data

Sort, filter and create custom views and report summaries with totals and calculated fields.

Export data efficiently

Eliminate rekeying of data by exporting to Excel, PDF, XML, Access, MS Word and more.

EZ-Pickin’s from BCD Software is a Windows-based report analysis and data mining tool which enables users to easily and efficiently get the information they need from virtually any electronic report.

With EZ-Pickin’s users can easily extract, analyse, graph and summarise data from IBM i and other computer-generated reports. They will be able to export and distribute resulting interactive reports as Excel, PDF or other formats.

What’s more, this is all delivered with the minimum input from the IT department and without having to rekey or program.

EZ Pickin’s empowers your users to get timely and accurate information with self-service data extraction from virtually any report. Users can create their own customised views and summaries so they can visualise data better, spot trends in the market, predict results and, ultimately make better business decisions.

Reusable models and templates provide users with single-click access to custom views of their reports without having to rekey information or rely on help from your IT department.

EZ-Pickins provides simplified compliance and auditing by enabling source reports to be matched with newly created reports to compare and reconcile financial statements and other reports for auditing and accounting. Users can also embed digital signatures for data lineage and authenticity.

Integrate EZ Pickin’s with Catapult and Spool-Explorer to transform spool files into spreadsheets and distribute them via email, network drives or web portal.

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