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PHP application development on IBM i

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Deliver modern PHP applications on i quickly with BCD Software, Zend and Proximity

PHP is the world’s most popular programming language for web and mobile applications and is available on the IBM i.

Jumpstart PHP on IBM i brings together the best possible tools and services to enable you to quickly get up to speed for developing, deploying and managing modern web and mobile applications on the IBM i.

Our bundles also offer significant discounts to help you maximise your investment in your IBM i and can include:

WebSmart PHP (PHP interactive development environment): intuitive and quick to learn especially for RPG developers.

Zend Server Professional (provides support for PHP on IBM i): fully supported IBM i component for running PHP applications.

Jumpstart services: to bring everything together, access Proximity Jumpstart services to get your staff up to speed with developing in PHP on IBM i and get that first PHP project delivered.

About Jumpstart services

Jumpstart services are included in all of the PHP on i bundles and are provided by Proximity. Starting at five-days, Jumpstart services can be used for any of the activities below:

  • WebSmart PHP and Zend Server configuration
  • Advice on the approaches to take
  • Developing a proof of concept / pilot application
  • Coaching and training staff so they can take over the development going forward
  • Ongoing remote support for developers during the first three months

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Why Proximity, BCD Software and Zend?


About Proximity

Proximity has been pioneering the development of web and mobile applications in PHP on IBM i since 2010, including STREAM, a multi award-winning delivery and transport management application.

About BCD software

BCD Software has been supporting PHP since it first launched a specialised PHP version of WebSmart in 2007. Proximity is the exclusive BCD and Quadrant Software Business partner for the UK and Ireland.

About Zend

Zend is the leading provider of enterprise-grade applications for PHP.

Want to know more about PHP on the IBMi?

Want to know more about developing PHP web and mobile application on IBM i? Then take a look at the PHP on IBM i resources available from Proximity by clicking below.

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