Web-based GUI for existing green screens and new RPG programs

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Modernising AS/400 green screens to modern web GUI with Presto


“Go from this... …to out of the box …to enhanced with the visual editor ...and mobile”


What you can do with Presto


Green screen to modern GUI

Giving your existing 5250 green screens and new RPG programs a modern web GUI keeps your IBM i relevant to end users and senior management.

Add functionality

Add functionality such as drop downs, tabs, datepickers, images, charts and more to web-enabled screens to improve UX and productivity.

Mobile access

Provide access to all web-enabled green screens internally or remotely from any mobile device.

Maximise the investment in your IBM i by modernising your existing 5250 green screen technology and RPG programs with web applications using Presto.

Presto transforms your organisation’s outdated green screens and system menus into modern web-based GUI’s that are easier to access and use - and in the case of the 5250 datastream approach, without having to touch your source code. Web-enabled screens can then be accessed through any device, including smartphones and tablets.

Whether you are using 5250 or RPG Open Access (OA), Presto enables you to add new functionality such as images, charts, tabs, drop downs and datepickers to name but a few.

As well as delivering instant results, a built in visual editor means that designers and IT staff do not need existing web development experience to enhance screens even further. For web developers there is the ability to access the HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make additional changes.

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