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As a Fresche Legacy Power Partner and exclusive BCD and Quadrant Software Premier Business partner in the UK and Ireland, we supply their suite of industry-leading IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, System i) development, modernisation and mobilisation solutions.

It has never been easier to modernise IBM i green screen technology to a web-based user interface, access applications via a mobile device, and develop powerful IBM i applications, using this fully integrated suite of tools from BCD, Quadrant and Fresche in your development, modernisation and mobilisation of IBM i systems including AS/400, iSeries and System i.


Presto: Powerful Green Screen Modernisation

Improve usability (and productivity) by using Presto to update green screens and RPG programmes to a web-based GUI.

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New RPG, PHP and Node.js applications

WebSmart: Application Development for Web & Mobile

Easily create new web applications for mobile and desktop with WebSmart templates for PHP, RPG and Node.js.

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unlock business critical information with x-analysis

X-Analysis: Application Modernisation & Analysis

Modernise efficiently, using X-Analysis to efficiently unlock business critical information from your IBM i.

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IBM i (AS400) automatic report distribution

Catapult: Automatic IBM i Document Distribution

Distribute IBM i reports and documents automatically, to the right people, at the right time.

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IBM i (AS400) web portals

Nexus: Secure Enterprise Web Portals on the IBM i

IBM i web portals for secure, organised access to enterprise information.

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Create graphical spool files on IBM i (AS400)

Formtastic: Automated IBM i Document Beautification

Automate the distribution and archiving of graphical forms, cheques and bar code labels from IBM i spool file data.

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Business intelligence for IBM i (AS400)

Business i: Business Intelligence for the IBM i

Improve access to dada from anywhere by building and distributing business intelligence reports from the IBM i.

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IBM i reports, queries and dasboards

Clover: IBM i Dashboards and Reports in Real-Time

Help key decision-makers to access and interpret data, with IBM i web reports, queries and dashboards in real-time

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Extract IBM i (AS400) data with EZ Pickin's

IBM i Analytics and Report Mining

Extract and analyse IBM i report data, for fast access to business-critical information.

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Application Modernisation for IBM i (AS400)

NewLook Developer: Application Modernisation on IBM i

Create modern user interfaces for web, mobile and desktop with powerful IBM i application development and 5250 green screen transformation tool.

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Remote Access to IBM i Applications

Newlook Server: Access IBM i Applications Remotely

Existing 5250 green screen applications can be modernised, with or without source code. Generates HTML5 user interfaces and supports composite applications

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IBM i virtual FOIP

QuadraDocV: Manage, Route and Archive Faxes on the IBM i

Improve fax efficiency and security, and eliminate old hadware by sending, recieving, archiving and managing faxes via a virtual server.

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