Quadra Doc V

Virtual enterprise FOIP (FAX)

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Image showing how QuadraDocV works

Using QuadraDocV will mean that your fax system will comply with regulatory cyber security requirements such a Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and PCI-DSS.

QuadraDocV supports batch faxing, emailing, printing and archiving and will scale to support your organisation's fax volume requirements. In-bound routing ensures your fax documents are delivered correctly and that users can access only the documents they are authorised to do so.

Running production fax servers in your business on outdated hardware or unsupported operating systems can drain precious IT resources and cause significant security, compliance and downtime risks.

A highly flexible production-level virtual fax server, QuadraDocV integrates directly with your enterprise applications (including SAP and Sage ERP solutions) to send, receive, route, archive and manage your business-critical fax documents automatically.

With QuadraDocV you will no longer require a dedicated, physical fax server or physical fax cards. QuadraDocV can be deployed either on-premise physically using QuadrAppliance, on-premise virtual or off-premise virtual via a Private Cloud Fax (FOIP) for IBM i.

All telephony infrastructure is supported including analog POTS, VOIP, FOIP or SIP Trunking. QuadraDocV also incorporates fax card emulation software from Dialogic, a leading communications vendor.

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