Develop web applications, web services and mobile apps in PHP, Node.js and RPG

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IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, System i) web apps, web services & mobile apps in PHP and RPG


What you can do with WebSmart


Any type of web app

Templates generate client and server-side code initially, that can then be customised to create any web app.

Mobile web apps

Develop fully functional mobile web apps that work on all popular mobile platforms and include standard UI.

Web services

Create web services to push and pull data from different servers, parse XML documents or JSON strings.

WebSmart is simply the fastest way programmers can develop PHP, Node.js or RPG mobile applications and web services on the IBM i.

In-built templates mean developers can create their applications’ initial client and server side code quickly and then customise them in the WebSmart IDE.

WebSmart has been designed with RPG programmers in mind, so it is easy to integrate existing RPG code to leverage, and extend ROI.

WebSmart offers programmers the flexibility to develop IBM i and multi-platform (for example Linux, Unix and Windows) applications on top of DB2, MySQL, Oracle or MS SQL data.

Mobile-ready apps can be developed that work on all major mobile platforms (including iOS, Android and Windows) 'out-of-the-box' and support modern UI features such as touch gestures and auto resizing. There are three WebSmart versions to ensure rapid web application development:

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WebSmart PHP

WebSmart PHP enables RPG, PHP and other programmers to develop IBM i and multi-platform PHP web applications.

PHP is a hugely popular open source programming language, which is fully supported by IBM and Zend on the IBM i. If you host your application on IBM Power Systems, WebSmart PHP will run with Zend Server.

RPG programmers will find it relatively easy to use PHP as they already code procedurally and can transition to object orientated when or if they want to.


WebSmart Node.js

WebSmart for Node.js is the latest edition of WebSmart. Develop open source Node.js desktop and mobile applications on the IBM i through templates that generate the initial HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You will then be able to customise the Node.js applications for your business needs in the WebSmart IDE.

WebSmart for Node.js is built with Bootstrap, a responsive framework that uses a single code base for both desktop and mobile versions.


WebSmart Mobile

WebSmart Mobile speeds up the development of mobile web apps by using in-built jQuery templates to generate the initial UI (i.e. HTML, CSS and JavaScript) and server side RPG or PHP code automatically. Then develop any app you wish by using the in-built wizards or by editing the generated code in the IDE. HTML5, CSS3, jQuery Mobile and Ajax are all supported and it is possible to add geolocation and offline functionality to your mobile apps.

Apps will run from browsers on all major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry) without having to deploy them through their relevant app stores. WebSmart Mobile is included with both PHP and ILE.


WebSmart ILE

Create desktop and mobile applications rapidly using WebSmart ILE.

Developed with RPG developers in mind, WebSmart ILE eases the transition to web development.

WebSmart ILE applications run on the IBM i 100% of the time offering increased security and reliability. The product makes it easy to call existing RPG programs and modules so you can fully leverage your investment in the IBM i.